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Friday, March 13, 2009

Georgia's Birthday CARD...FAIL!!!!

Here is the card I made G for her Birthday. One day we were laughing about WHO KNOWS WHAT and she said "FAIL!" I don't know, anyway you kind of had to be there for that. Well, one day I was looking at funny pics, and came across this place. FailBlog. LOL that is my kind of humor. Anywho, so everything with her has been, "FAIL" lately. (Whatever keeps us entertained!) I had to put FAIL into the card. This is what I came up with. LOL it was making me laugh, just making it!!


Katie Skiff said...

Do you 2 ever work there? I think not. LOL!!

Katie Skiff said...

that is a funny site. I sent the *six pack abs* to Gumby!

Debby said...

it's funny everything my kid and her friends say is fail. fail. I don't get it. i said to one no fail. it's good. and she said it's so good it's fail. okay. i'm old. went to the fail site and laughed till i cried. thanks for that. Love your card. Is this bombshell? Do you design for bombshell?