My place to show my fun stuff. I mainly scrapbook, but cards are starting to empty out my scraps!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What the kids were doing

And just what were the kids terrorizing while I was making cards...nothing! I took a SheetLoad pattern and made card kits for them to work on. So they were able to contribute to our stash. I am not sure how many we had all together, at least 30. They both worked very hard on them too. My mom had bought me a bunch of Christmas stickers last year. We tried to use them up too. They were pretty good about not fighting over which sticker they wanted to use. Shane really likes the Stickles. He wants to use them all the time. Even when he wasn't working on his own cards, he was asking to help me. Rya was into the glitter. We glittered somethings, and forgot to use them. Rya set up her little tray, and had the banana chair tipped over behind her. She said it was her office. So of course then Shane had to set up his own too. He had EVERYONE of his pencils out, and lined up next to him.


What I have been doing

This is what I have been doing instead of scrapbooking. Pretty much all stamps were CTMH, with the exception of the inside greeting. I have 2 of those. I hope nobody we send cards to, ever notices it is the same greeting every year. LOL! I used Martha Stewart glitter. I love it! I got 2 different little Christmas themed sets from Michael's, on sale of course. The papers were all sorts of types. One year I was Christmas paper crazy. I only bought 2 sheets this year. I used some from a QVC Christmas set. I have been keeping my Christmas papers and things like that in the QVC Christmas box I got last year. That way when I was finally in the mood for cards, I just had to grab that, and a few other things...that took over the coffee table and couch. Mike was going insane with my mess. Some of my cards weren't as exciting as they were in my head, but I posted them anyways. I used a couple Sheetloads, to knock out more at once!!!