My place to show my fun stuff. I mainly scrapbook, but cards are starting to empty out my scraps!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shane cut his hair

LOL you can see the green scissors peaking out from under the rug. He did NOT want me to take a picture. And told me about it later, that it wasn't nice!! I told him back, "Well, I have to scrapbook it, so that someday you can look back and laugh about it."
Oh and not only did he cut his hair, but he took a blue ink pad and rubbed it all over his PJ's. Check out his leg!

He also cut off a chunk of his "blue blankie". These are just some of the little hairs he is missing now.

Fry Box

I just kind of threw this one together. You know, when you have silly pics you want to SB, but don't get to them right away....yeah, well this is it. I finally used my little Fries QK though!!! I knew I bought that for a reason!

Valentines boxes

Here are the little boxes I decorated for the kids for V-day! Guess where I got the boxes.....From the salt and pepper shakers I got for Christmas!! I kept them, thinking, I might use these some day. WOW! I actually did!

Monday, February 16, 2009


I love Martha Stewart! Also, cupcakes. So when she had Cupcake Week going on, I was actually caught up on my Tivo. Anywho, they did these fun CUPCAKE POPS. The chick from Bakerella was the guest! I went right to the Martha site to add the recipe to my FAVORITES. I kind of forgot about this for awhile, till I was blog hopping and came across the Bakerella blog. She had other ideas for these cupcake bites and all sorts of stuff. So I decided it was time to make them. I thought it would be fun to take pics, hoping they came out cute...Oh and the Cream Cheese Buttercream frosting was sooo good, it barely made it to the crumbled cake!!

(I may have skipped the step about only using 2 cups of frosting...wasn't paying attention to how much the frosting recipe actually made! LOL!!)

I didn't have the thing she shaped hers with, nor the patience to do each one. I was, after all, working with melting chocolate. If you take too long, it gets all hard, and you can't dip anymore. So the first few got kind of hand shaped. (Note to self, shape before getting chocolate melted!)

The kids loved them. They are still trying to sneak them. I had to take some to work and my sisters to get them out of the house!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rya's Valentine's Day cards

Here is what Rya's Valentine day cards look like. She picked out the lo, by looking though a Papercraft magazine. Picked out the CTMH stamps. She desided to go with circle punches instead of the squares the magazine showed. She even decided her own sentement on it. For some crazy reason, I don't have a good "Valentine" stamp...She spelt out "BE MINE" with a CTMH alphabet. The papers are Doodlebug, from what Tess sold me. They were really cute. The cute little red hearts are fuzzy!! My pic is kind of whited out, but you get the idea.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Sheetload for Feb 09

So I was looking back through some emails and saw this contest on Sheetloads. Then I decided what papers I was gonna use and put one together after dinner. I love how it turned out! I sprayed some light pink CS w/ Glimmer Mist, Vintage Pink. The papers are from Imaginisce, the Kewl Stuff line. I stamped in some Essential glue , with a heart stamp (CTMH Soul Mates set. You know I had to buy the SOUL mates set, right!!) Then added some glitter! Glitter is fun! It was Art Glitter, Hot Kiss. I finished it off my inking the edges.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Some Single page LO's pt 2

I used some PP I had extra. The buttons & chipboard pieces were from a kit of goods my mom found for me. The words were from a Birthday themed QK set. This was me when I was younger. LOL it is funny looking back...I hated my outfit!!

The Dumbo LO was more of my CTMH kit, that never ends...Stickers were just some store bought ones. I had to take a pic of the kids watching Dumbo, because I had bought these stickers one time. LOL!!!

I did this LO with October Afternoon PP. I used my Pagemaps book Pg 87 for the LO idea. The stamp set was from CTMH, All Decked Out. I stamped on some precut circles that fit perfect on some circle chipboard pieces. They reminded me of the cookies we made. They are those ones you can buy with the design already in them, just slice and bake.

I didn't do nothing to special on this page. Basically just wanted a single page LO and for them all to fit nicely. The PP is by Crate Paper, Taylor's Collection. Very Army like colors. This is when Mike and the guys got to come back from their deployment. I always tell Mike to take pictures. He does pretty good.

LOL The kids were so funny sitting in their room pretending they had a band going. Rya has got a potato head arm, like it is a harmonica!!! I used my QK Maggie and Venus alphabet for the title. The PP is Circus Rose, Playlist. I also used my roley stamp from SU, called Jazz for the music notes.

Some new LO's I have done pt 1

I used a Christmas kit I got off of QVC for this one.

For Slip & Slide, I used Paper Loft, Just the Basics PP. The buttons are from Sticko. And some Thickers for the alphabet. The ribbon was in a kit, I got with the papers.

For this LO, I used a CTMH paper kit. I stamped a file folder using a CTMH stamp set. Then just cut it out and folded it. I cut a small piece of white paper and inked it, and put it in the folder. So that it looks like some blueprints. I used my QK for the alphabet.